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EXIF file stats

I have seen a number of fancy graphs and things to show your photo stats, but nothing lightweight. Today I decided to whip up a simple bash script to show stats from your files, including lenses used, apertures, focal lengths, etc. It is incredibly simple, and uses exiftool for all the difficult work, but I thought it was useful and hopefully someone else may as well.

You can download it from here; extract to your /usr/local/bin or where ever you want.

It can use any attribute from exiftool; for instance, when run against my 2010 photos to date against the attribute 'lensmodel', I get the following:

$ exifstats Library/2010 lensmodel
 155 SIGMA 50mm F1.4 DG HSM
 152 OLYMPUS 50-200mm Lens
 102 OLYMPUS 14-54mm Lens
 101 SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC HSM
  72 OLYMPUS 70mm-300mm Lens
  40 OLYMPUS 14-42mm Lens
  34 OLYMPUS 40-150mm Lens

Nothing special, but it can be nice to get a quick idea of different stats!