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Time Capsule Setup (Debian Wheezy)

Time Machine, for all its faults, is an easy way to backup your Macintosh. For laptops that are used on the go, though, it is easy to forget to plug in your backup drive. Apple sells a wireless hard drive which lets you backup over the network, but it is way overpriced. Since you already have a server, why not just host it yourself?

It is actually pretty easy to do this. I followed (and modified) these instructions and these instructions for my purposes, and it worked just fine.

Update after months of use

For some reason the backups stopped working. Not sure why... in the process of troubleshooting I tried a few things, including verifying permissions on the backup volume (there were some .Apple* folders owned by root, which I changed to the timemachine user) and adding an empty file '' in the root of the time machine volume. Not sure which of these did the trick, but it is back up and running now.