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Misc. Circuits

Included on this page are various small circuits I have created over time. Some are trivial, some are a bit more complex, but hopefully all are useful in a variety of projects. Most include both the schematics as well as the source (KiCad) files.

Digital Capacitance Touch Sensor

This is a touch sensor with adjustable sensitivity, which will output a digital signal specfying whether or not it is being touched. I originally created it as a cymbal mute sensor for my electronic drum hardware, although it could be used for any sort of touch sensitive switch.

Schematic of Capacitance Touch Switch circuit
You would connect the metal touch plate to P1; the digital output is on P2. The exact value of the variable resistor will differ based on conditions, size of capacitance touch plate, etc; 200k seems to work for me, but you may need to adjust this a bit.

Download Schematic